“I’m a life held in tension, a tuned guitar string, the music of dawn between bending and breaking, through the dreaming and waking…”

-Crispin Schroeder, from the song Dre aming and  Waking


A good question is better than a simple answer because a good question can stick with you your whole life. Crispin has always seen music and songwriting as a journey of discovery, an exploration of the world around us and of the shadows and treasures within us. To this journey he brings a relentless curiosity that straddles the tension of what is known and what is mystery. This curiosity is not only demonstrated in his lyrics but in the wide range of musical terrain he covers from Blues, Gospel, Vintage Soul, Rhythm and Blues, to Latin Jazz and Americana. The result are songs that make their home at the crossroads of chaos and order, of reason and faith, of dashed hopes and awakened dreams, songs that are both earthy and ethereal.